123mkv 2020 | Best Alternatives to 123MKV Website

Movies are the best source of entertainment for many and movies have become a relief to escape boredom in the prevalent situation like today where coronavirus has created havoc across the globe and many people are self-isolating in their home or avoiding going outside. We have lots of options in today’s world to stream or watch movies online, such as Netflix, Prime Videos, etc. Nevertheless, many can’t afford it and then look for some free ways to stream the films.

123Mkv is a pirated website that, irrespective of authority, uploads the new and hit films and TV shows. In different domains, it uploads videos, including Hindi, Tamil, and English. Let’s read more about our favorite movies and TV shows for free download on the 123Mkv website.

What is 123mkv?

123mkv is a website for pirated movies where the new Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Dual Audio, and Dubbed movies can be downloaded for free. The government and ISPs have blocked the 123mkv website, but they still function illegally by switching from one domain extension to another and continue to upload the new movies for free downloading and streaming on their website.

Many people, however, are unable to afford the subscription fees or don’t want to invest their money. Earlier, people waited for the movies to premiere on TV on no internet days, but people need numerous excess channels such as 123mkv to feed their curiosity in this period.

One or two years ago, 123mkv was a very small website. As time shifts, however, they have become very common. From time to time, due to copyright, the website domain is blocked, but they do not take much time to launch a new website with a similar domain name and instead adjust its extension. Many of their domains were either blocked by the government or by ISPs. We will mention both the new 123mkv domain and the old domain.

How is the site functioning?

123MVK is a private website that publishes on its pages the new movies and web shows. The platform is run from an unspecified location by some individuals of unknown identity. Within a few days of the film’s completion, they will release the film on the website. Therefore, lakhs of thousands of visitors continue to visit the site to download their films. The film can be downloaded in a foreign language and some dubbed versions of the film as well.

123mkv Latest links

On its website, 123mkv launches new movies and web shows. The platform is run by people anonymously from an undisclosed location. Within days of the release, they will release the films on the website. As a consequence, lakhs of tourists keep track of them to get a free chance to watch the new movies. There are numerous language movies and dubbed movies available on the web.

• 123mkv.net
• 123mkv.be
• 123mkv.li
• 123mkv.gr
• 123mkv.co
• 123mkv.cx

Steps to Download Content from 123mkv

  • Use the various 123mkv URLs given above to access the site
  • Check the links on Google Search’s results page.
  • From the search result box, select one of the above links.
  • On the top left-hand corner of the screen, a web page with 123mkv in blue markings will appear on your screen.
  • In the website recommendation box, you will be able to see some recent movies.
  • On top of the computer, you can see a search box.
  • You can enter the name of your favorite movie in the search box to download the entire movie.
  • You can also select from a few philters on the website, such as Hollywood and Tamil in English.
  • You will get a few movies available with various video quality and sizes after searching for a movie from the search box.
  • From the different options available, you have to select your favorite movie.
  • To set the movie for download, you can click on the download choice.

Features of 123mkv Movie download

  • Among several websites, 123mkv is one website that enables you to use a varied range of genres and categories to serve your mood.
  • It has videos from a variety of domains. Not only does the platform have Hollywood movies or South Indian or Bollywood movies, but there is also a range of regional language movies available for streaming.
  • As per your needs and desires, the website has high resolutions as well as low resolutions.
  • If you do not understand a language but still want to watch the video, then don’t worry because 123mkv also offers dubbed versions and subtitles.
  • The greatest gain is the non-payment method that allows you to watch films for free.

Best Alternatives to 123MKV Website


It is an exceptional alternative to this website. With different size options available, you get to choose the content. The method of uploading does not end up mugging all your details and leaving you barehanded. With minimal data expense, it downloads.


MoviezWap provides a wide collection. From its library, you can enjoy various Tollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies and either watch them online or save them for later viewing. You get a user-friendly, adequate, and uncomplicated gui. You don’t have to waste hours getting the user interface untangled.

Navigating around it is very straightforward. It has different genres, such as teenage romance, science fiction, and comedy. For people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, this website also provides shows that are dubbed in many languages.


On 9xrockers, enjoy the best Hindi material. This is one of the best places for Hindi movies and has been on the internet for quite a long time. It has delivered free movies and shows with the highest graded audio and video quality to its users. The different regional shows can be enjoyed and have them in the dubbed version.

 123mkv is a pirated website; it is also not legal according to the Indian Government’s rules. The site keeps changing its URLs and has no stable URL because it can be blocked at the time. Due to the problems of piracy, such variations can make the site corrupt. It further jeopardizes the protection of passwords and provides sensitive personal data on the computer to users who download its content.

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