Banglarbhumi 2020 Portal | RS LR Plot information, Mutation Status

As every State Government is launching various portals for the citizens to avail certain services. In the past couple of years, the government is making a smart approach by selling land, grains, lentils, sand, etc to the citizens and increasing the economy of the country. Due to this smart approach, both the government and citizens and benefited. All the agents and mediators cannot affect this virtual relationship between State Government and citizens.

Today, we’ll be talking about the West Bengal government’s Banglabhumi or Banglarbhumi. Yes, Banglarbhumi is an online portal that helps the citizens to know the land and property-related information. Further, we’ll be deeply discussing about this portal and even its registration process.

What Is Banglabhumi Or Banglarbhumi Online Portal?

  • In the previous decade, every State Government faced huge losses due to property-related frauds and cases. Many citizens were duped for millions, and some committed too. Due to which, the economy was going down, and the country was adversely affected.
  • The same situation was majorly occurring in West Bengal’s rural and urban areas. To cope with this situation, the West Bengal Government launched a portal known as Banglarbhumi. This portal helped both the State Government and citizens.
  • Through this portal, citizens can directly access the land and property-related information. In simpler words, if details any land or house is not mentioned on this portal, that property is illegal.
  • The details that can be accessed by citizens are landowners, land area, plot numbers, property values, etc. This portal also provides additional details such as the map of the land or the exact location of the property.
  • Currently, this portal stores the data of more than 42,159 Mouzas and 4.30 crore Khatians (plots) in West Bengal. With this portal, you can also request for the certified copies of the land or property. You can even directly do the automated mutation process through this portal.
  • Transfer process of land or property is also like a cakewalk through this portal. You don’t have to visit the Block Land and Land Reforms Office (BL&LRO). On this portal, the land details are automatically updated every single day. In simpler words, through this portal, purchasing and selling of land are safe and legal.
  • Before doing any task related to your land, you first have to complete the registration process. The registration process is a bit lengthy, but it’s only for one time.

Now, let’s know the login process of Banglarbhumi online portal.

How To Login Into The Banglarbhumi Portal?

Once, you successfully register your land on this portal. You’ll receive your respective username and password. For registration, both landowners and citizens have to fill the Public Registration Form. You can get this form on website.

  • To login, you have to visit the above-mentioned website.
  • Then, you have to find the ‘Citizen Servies’ button. Hit on this option and opt to enter as ‘Citizens.’
  • Finally, you have to enter your username and password, including captcha code.

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