Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India 2020

Are you searching for best business ideas with small investment yet profitable with maximum market share? If yes then this article will surely help you by providing best manufacturing business ideas to be set up in the country such as India.

The term “Business”

Business refers to buying, selling of goods or rendering of services to earn profit. Simply, it is an activity of making profit.

The term “Manufacturing

Manufacturing refers to production and procurement of goods from materials, parts and other components. In Manufacturing millions of products are manufactured at a time by a highly automated product lines.

Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Top 10 best Manufacturing Business in India

Following is the list of best manufacturing businesses in India that anybody with his/her willingness can set up:-

1.Incense manufacturing business

Considered it to be a household good, the incense manufacturing business has lot more market scope. Lightening of incense is done for religious purposes and also for charismatic aroma fragrance. Incense also has antiseptic and insecticidal properties.

2.Aluminum doors-windows Manufacturing businesses

Although aluminum manufacturing business is small scale business but it is quite profitable with a little amount of investment and great business opportunities.

3.The Bakery Business

This fast moving consumer good (FMCG) business is yet more profitable business which can be initiated from home or rented place. The major value addition factor is the selection of the right products and the correct marketing strategy. The demand pattern in the society and the financial aspects are the main kingpin of the bakery business.

4.Banana/ potato chips manufacturing business

The banana chips are made from under ripe bananas that are sliced and then dipped into a syrup solution, dried under the sunlight and lastly fried whereas for potato chips, the raw potato are cut into thin slices then dried under the sunlight then fried to become a mouth watering potato chips. The so cooked potato chips can be sold both in local market and international market.

5.Bindi Manufacturing business

Almost 95% of women’s population wear bindi and do not use that traditional kumkum so; the demand of bindi is considerable high both in urban and rural market. With good marketing avenues and profitability. One just need a small piece of velvet cloth with little bit adhesives. The bindis are widely available in variety of colors, sizes, designs, shapes etc. The bindi manufacturing business

6.Biscuits Manufacturing Business

It’s a small scale business with vey less amount of investment and it reaps good amount of profit due to the fact that most people prefer to purchase the fresh biscuits from local market rather than a big manufacturing units loaded with heavy machineries and modern technology.

7.Chalk Manufacturing businesses

In certain developing nations such as India chalk is still in utilization to write up in black boards in schools, colleges, universities, training institutes etc it is also used by tailors, furniture makers, construction workers etc. It’s a small scale business with very less amount of capital investment.

8.Envelope manufacturing business

Paper envelopes are very basic item yet in demand in offices, schools, colleges, household, universities etc. It can be formed either manually or through machines. One can initiate this business in small scale and then turned it into a large scale business operation.

9.File Manufacturing business

Files are utmost essential stationary item. It comes in many different varieties such as clip file, flat file and cover file. With this simple yet much needed stationary item one can kick start a small-scale manufacturing business.

10.Chocolate manufacturing business

Chocolate is the most preferential product by almost every individual be it a small kid, a teenager or an adult. It can be made with variety of ingredients as per the individuals’ choice. It is a profitable business in India. Its demand increases during festive season.

11.Straw manufacturing business

Drinking straw is widely an essential item in almost every nook and corner of the world. It is a home based micro manufacturing business. It is a very small item but in demand almost every time.

The Stepping stone

Following are certain procedures to be followed to start your manufacturing business:-


The first and foremost step is to register your business at the ROC (Registrar of Companies). If you are having less capital to invest then register yourself as a proprietor, OPC (One person Company) or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) businesses.

Arrangement of Land:

You need to arrange land, the place where your business will take place. You can either rent it or take it on lease. If it is permissible you can start a home based business, it will save you from paying extraorbitantly renting expenses.

Arrangement of raw materials:

You need to arrange the raw materials to be used in your business. For instance if it is a chocolate manufacturing business then the raw material would be chocolate, sugar, vanilla essence, choco chips etc.

Arrangement of Labour:

If you wish to do the business yourself then it’s completely fine but it’s said 2 hands are better than one so you need to arrange labour for your manufacturing business, decide there working hours, salaries and perks etc.

Arrangement of Capital:

Capital refers to the initial capital which is needed for the very first investment in the business. You can arrange it either from informal sources such as friends, family or relatives or from formal sources such as bank loans, public deposits, money lenders etc.

So, to sum up this article at last all the above mentioned businesses are micro, small it can be undertaken if the businessman has small amount of investment. It is very much evident in the books and journals that finance is the blood of the business, more amount of investment more profit more growth more expansion but in the words of entrepreneurs idea, just an innovative idea can kick start your business with a minimal amount of investment.

There is just the need to think out of the box.

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