Top 10 Real Estate Companies in India 2021

In the wake of Covid-19, many sectors were adversely affected, especially the real estate market of India. However, as the lockdown phase has started, the real estate market is getting back in shape, and now this is the time for buyers to purchase their dream house.

Currently, the total size of the Indian real estate sector is 170 billion, and seriously this industry is India’s one of the active financial supporter. Believe it or not, this sector hold’s a top-notch position in India’s commercial system.

As per the latest reports, the Indian real estate market is contributing nearly 6% to the country’s GDP. However, by 2020, this sector has estimated to contribute 10-12% to our country’s GDP.

So today, we’ll be knowing about the top real estate companies of India in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Real Estate Companies Of India In 2020

  • DLF Private Limited

DLF holds a strong place in the Indian real estate market and even on our list. Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh is the founder of DLF who started his career with constructing 22 colonies in New Delhi in 1949. In 1985, DLP started building commercial workspaces and villas in the Gurugram region for working professionals and businessmen.

DLF has constructed workspaces and apartments for business tycoons like IBM, Microsoft, Bank Of America in different regions of India. Currently, DLF Private Limited is the country’s biggest real estate company in terms of sales and services. This company is strongly working in 24 cities and 15 states of India.

  • Prestige Estates Projects Ltd

Razack Sattar was the founder of Prestige Estates Projects Ltd that is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Prestige is currently one of the most successful real estate developers in India. This real estate company was founded in 1986 and have successfully completed more than 210 projects with more than 50 pending projects.

Prestige Group is now expanding its sales and services to major cities like Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, etc. This company is now focusing more on developing commercial workspaces for top-notch companies, especially in South India.

  • Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd

Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd is popularly known for building super luxurious commercial workspaces. Indiabulls is founded in 2006 and headquartered in Chennai. This company is focusing more on building luxurious living space and properties in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Thane, Ahmedabad, Gurguram, etc. According to many reports, Indiabulls will also enter into the international real estate market.

  • Brigade Enterprises Ltd

M.R. Jaishankar is the founder of Bridage Enterprises Ltd, leading real estate developer meeting the requirements of clients since 1986. Currently, this company comes under the top real estate companies of Chennai.

Brigade develops residential and commercial building, education hubs, hospitals, and even malls and shopping stores. The primary focus of this company is South India cities like Mysore, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. Brigade is all set to ready the international real estate market and have set up an office in Dubai, UAE.

  • Oberoi Realty Ltd

Oberoi Realty Ltd believes in building stylish and modern residential properties and villas in metropolitan cities. Oberoi group have started dealing in educational, retail, and IT sector. This real estate company was headquartered in 1980 in Mumbai. Currently, Oberoi Group is handling various projects in posh areas of Mumbai like Juhu, Nariman Point, Andheri, etc.

  • Godrej Properties Ltd

Adi Godrej was the founder of Godrej Properties Ltd, which is a listed company even in the national stock exchange. Currently, the net worth of this company is more than 100 million. It also comes under the list of top real estate companies of Hyderabad.

The highest-rated LEED building of India was developed by Godrej Properties Ltd in Hyderabad. According to GRESB reports, Godrej Properties Ltd was ranked 2nd best real estate company in Asia and 5th top-rated real estate developer across the globe.

  • Omaxe Ltd

Rohtas Goel founded Omaxe Ltd in the year 1989. Omaze is today India’s most trusted real estate company recommended by numerous business tycoons. Omaxe Group was created considering the first-generation entrepreneurs and engineers to grab construction projects.

Later, in 2001 the company started making a mark in the Indian real estate sector, and now it is officially listed on NSE and BSE. Currently, the focus of this company is developing the northern side of India, especially Himachal Pradesh. World Street Faridabad and Omaxe Heights are some of the most successful projects of this real estate company.

  • Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd (HDIL)

HDIL is the strongest competitor of DLF Private Ltd. Housing Development and Infrastructure started the journey with dealing leased and new properties in the year 1996. This real estate company is currently headquartered in Mumbai. HDIL is working on numerous projects in the metropolitan and suburbs of Mumbai and Thane.

They specialize in building residential properties, villas, shopping malls, and workspaces. HDIL has also started handing multiple rehabilitation projects for clearing the slums and developing the area. In such projects, HDIL is providing standard houses to the slums which are funded by the Indian Government.

Sobha Ltd

Sobha Ltd is currently headquartered in Bangalore, India and was founded in the year 1995. This real estate company is currently engaged in multiple government projects, construction and development of both commercial and residential properties. It is an emerging real estate that holds a strong position in the Indian real estate market.

Sobha Manufacturing and Sobha Contracting are the two franchises of Sobha Ltd. Sobha is primarily entering into different markets and giving a fierce competition to the top-notch business tycoons.

  • Ansal Properties And Infrastructure Ltd

Ansal Properties And Infrastructure Ltd is one of the oldest real estate companies that was founded in the year 1967. Ansal Properties And Infrastructure Ltd is engaged in promoting the real estate market and the development of both residential and commercial properties.

They have also started dealing with state government projects for building shopping malls, government buildings, special economic zones, etc. This company is also among the top real estate developers of the country.

This was the latest updated list of the top real estate companies of India. If we have missed out any real estate company, please let us know in the comment section.

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