Top 10 Cement Companies in India 2020

The cement industry is a large scale industry segment, and globally India is the second-largest cement producing country. The cement industry plays a crucial role in India’s economic growth. Large companies and people tried hard to set to enter cement industry due to its developing demand.Availability of coal and limestone which are the products of cement adds on to its development.

Due various housing facilities and infrastructural development, this industry is currently growing at an excellent pace. Additionally, this industry also provides jobs to a lot of people all around our country. After China (the first largest cement producing country), our cement industry has attracted manyinvestments, both local and foreign.

Apart from contributing GDP; this industry has made booming developments in the fields of real estate, infrastructure sectors. The cement industry is currently going through a technological change due to a lot of upgradation. Cement company was entirely under the control of government at first, but after the economic reform, it got relief up to a large extent. Although being the second large producer of cement, many poor people and people living in rural areas live in mud and hut house.

They cannot afford to have commodities, .but this fact is also notable that in a vast country like India, the demand and supply of cement will never fade and will be expanding with the increase in population. Because after all, we all need a house made of bricks and cement. There are some top cement companies ruling in the cement industry in current India i.e., Indian cement industry is dominated by a few companies.

Almost 70 per cent of the total cement production of the country are in the hands of top most 20 cement companies in India. The cement industry has created a great impact on the economic growth of India and also among business man.

Top 10 Cement Companies in India

Top 10 Best Cement Companies in India 2020

Some top cement companies in India:

1.Ultratech cement

Ultra tech cement is India’s largest cement manufacturers. They have their cement company in 5 countries. They are the clinker exporter in India. The establishment of this company was done in 1987. They have their headquarters at Mumbai.

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2.Shree Cements

They are one of the trusted brand and eco-friendly manufacturers in cement industry. They are popular in the northern and eastern part of the countries.  This company was established in 1970.they have their headquarters in Bangur Nagar, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

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3.Ambuja cement:

They are the most popular cement company in western India. The company was formerly known as Gujarat Ambuja cement limited. It is the major cement producing company in India. The company was established in 1983.they have their headquarters in Mumbai.

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They are one of the largest manufacturers of cement in India. They have ready-mixed concrete. Their headquarters is located in Mumbai. The company was established in 1936.ACC is the first cement company to start Bulk cement.

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5.Binani cement

This company belongs to Braj Binani Group.the company produces OPP(Ordinary Portland Cement) and PPC(Pozzolana Portland Cement) under the binani brand. The company was established in 1996, and their headquarters is in Mumbai.

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  1. Ramco Cements

Ramco Cements was also known as Madras Cement. Ramco Grade is the most trusted cement brand in South India. The company has 5 cement plants.This company is also the fifth largest cement producer in the country.Their company was established in 1957. Their Headquarters is present in Chennai.

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  1. Dalmia Cement

Dalmia Cement was set up by anindustrialist Jaidayal Dalmia. It is India’s 4th largest cement company .It has 13 plants and clinker units across the country.They are the largest producer of slag cement in India.This company was established in 1939.Their Headquarter is located in New Delhi.

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  1. Birla Corp

It is an Indian-based company of the M P Birla group of companies.they have seven plants under them.All the cement plants are ISO 9001:2000 Certificated.This company was established on1919.Their Headquarters is located in kolkata and West Bengal.

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  1. J. K. Cement
  2. K. Cement company manufactures and distributes both cement and cement-based products. The company was founded by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. They are second-largest manufacturer of white cement and wall putty in India.Their company was established on 1975.Their Headquarters is located in Kanpur.

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  1. India Cement

Shri S N N Sankaralinga Iyer and Sri T S Narayanaswami are the founder of this company-India Cement. It the most popular cement company in southern India.It has 7 integrated cement plants in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.Their company was established on1946 and their Headquarters is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

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Apart from the listed cement companies, there are also several other cement manufacturing companies in our country. Most of them operate as a medium or large scale basis and they are very popular in a particular region.

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