Top 10 E-Commerce Companies in India

It is known to all that nowadays, our lives are almost dependant fully on E-commerce companies. And when we talk about dependency we talk in good terms. Not only it has made our lives easier but also helps us in focusing on more important things in our life. E-commerce has brought people closer as now anyone from anywhere can send special to common things to their relatives, friends or anyone else too.

We can order our daily use essentials to special occasion gifts from the comfort of our home or even when we are stuck up in our work. And this is what is making the E-commerce industry to grow at a rapid rate making it a booming industry. With the introduction of this industry, one can find a variety of products ranging from pin to plane and that too at reasonable prices.


Top 10 E-Commerce Companies in India

Here are the top key players of E-commerce Companies in India


It is n e-commerce company from American origin. It is also known for its cloud computing. Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle in Washington D.C. Amazon’s total sales and market capitalization makes it the largest company in the internet-based retail industry. When Amazon started it was an online bookstore but soon it started to sell CDs, DVDs, Video downloads and streaming even in MP3 format.

But, now Amazon sells almost everything and gives an option of writing product reviews as well to its users. This not only helps other customers to know about the product quality but users can also ask their queries and get answers from other users, thereby helping the customers in making purchases.

Amazon also helps and works with third-party sellers. It allows them to share amazon product links and gets a commission in return for generating sales.


Flipkart emerged as an e-commerce company in 2007 and was founded by  Sachin and Binny Bansal. Flipkart got registered in Singapore but its headquarters is in Bangalore. The company has many product categories and has its product line as well.

It is also known by the name of Brainbees Solutions Pvt. Ltd and was founded in 2010 with its headquarters in Pune in India. The company has grown to be a leading online store for baby supplies. One can get clothing for all occasions for kids of almost all ages. Other than this, products as kids footwear, toys, school supplies, gifts, toiletries, etc. are available. Maternity supplies for new moms are also available here. Firstcry also has its physical stores and warehouses all over India as well.


Flipkart is the parent organization of Myntra. It was founded in 2007 to sell personalized gift items. But in 2009 it emerged as a leading online fashion store for men, women, and kids too. It has its headquarters in Bengaluru in Karnataka. And soon it gained immense success. It offers points on the purchase of items to its customers which can be later on redeemed to buy products. It offers a variety of clothing, footwear, gift items, accessories, etc. for all categories and all ages.


It was founded in 1996 by V.S.S Mani and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has its offices present in all the major cities in India. Justdial has its services available in the form of voice, web, mobile internet, and mobile applications as well. From the online booking of movies, booking an appointment at a doctor, booking a cab, bus or a flight online to booking movie tickets or scheduling appointments for courier pick-up, delivering grocery, etc. In this way, it is making the customer’s work done in no time, and gaining popularity day by day.


It was founded by Falguni Nayar in the year 2012. Earlier she was working as a managing director at Kotak Mahindra Capital. Popularly known as Nykaa, it is a company by the name of FSN Ecommerce Ventures Pvt Ltd. Nykaa has its headquarters in Mumbai in Maharashtra. This company focuses on selling wellness products and cosmetics for women. By offering regular discounts and combo offers it has gained popularity among women in no time.

Make My Trip

Make My Trip is an online portal that offers bookings of flights, hotels, holiday packages, etc. to its clients. This company is a travel company of an Indian origin. It was founded in the year 2000 by Deep Kalra. It also has its offices in Sydney and New York City as well. It is available in the form of application as well that can be operated from mobile phones from anywhere.


Another company that is gaining popularity day by day is One97 Communications Ltd, popularly known as Paytm. It is an E-commerce website of Indian origin with its head office in Noida. Paytm offers attractive discounts, cashback, and movie vouchers on payment of electricity bills, mobile recharges, etc. And now it offers daily use and other products on its mobile application and website as well. Paytm started in 2010, but started with online booking of movie tickets in 2016 after entering into a partnership with Cinepolis.


So, these were the leading E-commerce companies gaining popularity amongst its users day by day. All of these companies gained popularity in no time, by offering a variety of such services which were beyond imagination to be delivered wherever it is desired. Nowadays, due to lack of time and staying at faraway places due to work or any other reason people are unable to buy gifts for their loved ones.

So, here comes the rescue in the form of E-commerce which not only provides serviceability all over India but also provides cash on delivery, return and pick up facility of the products as well. Nowadays, it is easy to get services at home too. This saves a lot of travel time and has the convenience of one’s home too.

Besides, some of these E-commerce companies also provide EMI facility, after-sales services and installation services too at no extra cost.

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