Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies In India 2020

Looking for a top mobile company in India? Here is a list of top mobile phone brands in India. We all know how much we need our mobiles or smartphones now and then. We are addicted to our smartphones. There is a massive growth in manufacturing and sells of mobile phones in the last two decades. Our lives have become dependent on our smartphones from the time we wake up to sleep. It has become impossible for humanity to survive without electronics.


Many brands are emerging every year in the market of electronics. Few come with all the necessary elements and new features to capture the traffic and increase their sells. There are many Korean, Indian, and Chinese brands in the market with different prices and features, every small detail about the phone is considered genuinely and well designed to beat other phones in the markets.

We reached to screen touch and finger locks from buttons. These brands knows very well how to conquer the attention of people with their new programs every time! According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) latest Quarterly mobile phone tracker 2018, Smartphone prices in India has grown significantly with 40 percent in the last few years.

With the imports growth up 21.7 percent every year South Korean phone manufacturer Samsung remained the best mobile phone seller in India since 2013. With these results we can conclude that Samsung is the best mobile selling company in India with drastically growing imports every year to India. China’s Xiaomi took the second position with the growth of 44 percent of imports after Samsung compare to last quarter.

After Xiaomi, Lenovo ranks third with the same growth rate. Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, I ball being an Indian brand are getting a great response from the people in the context of new technologies, prices, and features. Indian Mobile Brands is capturing the market very well.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies In India

List of Top 10 mobile companies in India :

Here is the list of Top 10 mobile companies in India :


Samsung logo

Samsung is the largest manufacturers of tablets and smartphones. Samsung also manufactures and sells other electronic products as well. Samsung electronics is a part of the Samsung group, and it is a South Korea based company established in 1969. Who knows not about Samsung? Everywhere even personally we use this brand in our day to day life through some or other means.

Samsung has done a great job amazing services and quality to its beloved consumers. Samsung is the top cellphone company in India as it manufactured devices with Google Android with a 46 %  share in the market. Few of Samsung’s best selling models are Samsung Galaxy J, Samsung Galaxy J4, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt, and Samsung J7 more, which has contributed 60% of the volume of the company. J series sustainability and demand its market has spread Samsung in the market like a virus, making Samsung Top Mobile Company In India.


Xiaomi logo

Xiaomi is the second brand that has conquered a massive market of Smartphones in India. Along with India, Xiaomi stands on the 5th position as the world’s largest smartphone brand. Xiaomi has introduced budget smartphones in the market. Millions of Indians love Xiaomi’s mobile features and marketing strategies.

Xiaomi is known for providing smartphones at affordable rates. It has its MIUI operating program, which is loved by many! There is a considerable contribution of Redmi Note 4, which was Xiaomi’s best selling smartphone in India, with more than four millions sell. The pricing strategy of Xiaomi has helped it to conquer the market of selling devices on E-commerce and direct retailers.



Lenovo logo

Lenovo is a Chinese company which designs, manufactures and sells laptops, tablets, computers, electronic storage devices, televisions, workstations, and smartphones. Lenovo or Moto leads third in the race of the Best mobile phone company in India. Motorola bought by Google emerged into the market effectively as Lenovo in 2014; after recovering the significant losses in the 2000s.

Lenovo has effectively climbed the mountain towards becoming one of the best mobile brands in India in the last few years along with mobile phone, Lenovo has successfully grabbed the market of Best Laptops In India as well.


Oppo logo

Oppo, also known as a camera phone, is popular among the people for its extremely stunning quality of photos. Oppo was started in China in the year 2004, and Oppo is a Chinese electronics brand. Oppo has explained a drastic growth as it started participating in an E-commerce platform to sell its devices. Oppo launched the world’s thinnest Smartphone, Oppo R5, in the year 2014. It was something out of the box.The unique features and marketing strategies of Oppo has made itself emerge in the list of best smartphone selling company in India.


Vivo logo

Vivo knows for its excellent quality and music. Vivo was founded in 2009, and it is a Chinese smartphone brand that makes affordable and budgets friendly Android phones. Being the fresher in the world of smartphones, Vivo has been successful to qualify itself in the list of the best mobile brand in India.

With the new invention of the fingerprint scanner in the entire world in 2018, Vivo took the privacy and security of smartphones to the next level. Vivo with amazing camera quality, battery life, and storage at a meager price has given fierce competition to the rest of the brand in the list of best mobile company in India.

LG Mobiles:

LG logo

LG, known as the second-largest TV producer in the entire world. LG manufacturers other electronics like multimedia players, and quality notebooks and home theatres system. Though LG is the largest phone manufacturers in the world and one of the well-known companies in the technology market.   LG has confessed that it is not able to do much as hoped or expected LG makes good quality advance phone but is not able to compete with the top brands.

Nokia Mobiles:

Nokia logo

Nokia Phones are known to be the most robust mobile phones in the market. Nokia was founded in the year 1865 in Espoo. Nokia was the world’s biggest mobile manufacturers in the world and a well known mobile brand in the last decades. Nokia fell drastically as soon as Android entered the market. Nokia grabs 8% of the India feature phone market. Nokia is known for its 3310, which is very popular for its battery life, functioning, and a sturdy body.

Apple Smartphones:

Iphone logo

Apple phones are commonly known as iPhones. Apple has introduced eleven generations of iPhone versions that run Apple’s IOS Cellular operating system. Steve Jobs started Apple company in 1976 as a computer manufacturer but now plays well in mobile to media player markets. Apple’s Smartphones are expensive though they have come with something very unique like a facial recognition system as the feature in Iphone8 Plus they’re earning from India has dropped over a fewyears.

HTC Mobile:

Htc logo

HTC is a Taiwan brand that started in the year 1991. The company earlier use to design handsets for the HP and Palm but now emerged significantly in the market of Smartphones with its own operating Android, Quality features, and an affordable budget makes the HTC smartphones in the list of Best Smartphone Companies In India.


One plus logo

The new name in the market of Smartphones is a Shenzhen based startup called OnePlus, known for its quality, extraordinary features that attract everyone’s attention to it. OnePlus serves as a quality phone though its price is much higher than compared to other phones; it is designed very well with high quality, performance, and high cost as well.

OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 make half on smartphones sold online during 2017. OnePlus can be predicted as a company to become one of the best mobile phone company in India. OnePlus is arrives with stunning features and quality, which drives people’s attention. OnePlus smartphones are the most awaited ones!.

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